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The Power of Persistence in Achieving Your Goals

Updated about 1 month ago.

Have you heard that saying, “Persistence Pays Off”? It is true, but there is a fine line between being persistent and being relentless, and you need to know when you’re crossing the line.

Persistence is a personality trait and an attitude that indicates you’re working hard, and that you keep trying until you achieve success or until you realize the direction you’re going isn’t going to achieve the goal you set.

Persistence is a personality trait you can develop and here are five reasons you may want to:

1. You will be motivated. If you’re persistent you are more likely to stay motivated and keep moving toward the goals you’ve set. Self-motivation is a critical trait of a successful entrepreneur.

2. You will gain expertise. If you’re persistent in pursuing a goal, you will work harder and learn more about the subject at hand. You will experiment, and repeat actions until you achieve the desired outcomes.

3. You learn the value of success. When you are persistent and if you don’t always succeed on your first try you truly understand the meaning of success – because you have worked so hard for it.

4. It shows others you are driven. A person who is persistent is perceived as ambitious. You’re not happy to just sit back and let things happen around you – you are a change-maker and take the initiative.

5. Your persistence may motivate others. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a leader in a job, when your colleagues see your persistence and drive, they will follow your lead. You are setting a good example to others by your persistence. You may notice a boost in efficiency and productivity in your team.

Are you as persistent as you want to be? Can you develop a more persistent attitude? Yes, you can and here’s how:

Determine the goal you want to achieve. If you want to develop persistence you need to have a goal toward which you’re striving. Set goals and set specific milestones to meet those goals. Write down your large goal then break that down into smaller steps. Studies show that if you have clear and concise goals you are 95% more likely to achieve them!

Plan for stumbling blocks and failures. Just because you’ve set goals and planned milestones doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t face stumbling blocks. You may even face failure. The persistence you’re developing will keep you from throwing in the towel and it will keep you moving forward. You will persist and find a solution to the issue that caused the initial failure. Keep in mind to consider other options, that you haven’t thought of before, to get to your goal. Sometimes you may have to course correct along the way. If a task is failing and a goal isn’t being met, take a step back and look at it with fresh eyes and determine what is keeping you from your goal and brainstorm new paths that can get you there.

Stop procrastinating. If you tend to have trouble getting started, you will have nothing to persist toward. Get started. Don’t fear failure. Move toward your goals with confidence and expect a great outcome.

Get buy-in. Whether you’re working alone or in a team, you need to get buy-in. Talk with a trusted business colleague or team members and let them know your plan and the goal you want to achieve. Get their input, take their suggestions and recommendations and persist!

Stay focused. It’s impossible to be persistent if you’re constantly chasing new ideas and following new threads that may not be part of your original goal. When you stay focused, you maintain your motivation and you persist on the path to achieve your goal.

Celebrate your persistent nature. When you achieve a goal, celebrate. When you overcome a hurdle or a milestone, pat yourself on the back! Set rewards for a job well done. When you meet a specific goal, take an hour off to recharge your batteries. When you are at the halfway point, spend some money on a fancy coffee. Rewards help you stay focused, keep your momentum, and enhance your persistent proclivities.

Are you persistent? Do you find you give up too easily? What would being even more persistent mean to your personal and professional goals? When you determine that you want to be more persistent, you need to own it, embrace it, and follow a path toward the successes you seek!

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