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Brought to you by the NG9-1-1 Institute in Washington, DC, TiPS will provide valuable insight to the Men and Women behind the numbers 9-1-1.

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TiPS - Episode 004 - 9-1-1 in the National Capitol Region

Updated a long time ago.

This week I had the extreme honor to sit down with Steve Souder, Director of Fairfax County Virginia Department of Public Safety Communications, Charlynn Flaherty, ENP, Associate Director of Public Safety Communications for Prince George County and retired Police Officer Jennifer Greene, Director of the District of Columbia Unified Communications Center. We talk about how 911 calls are handled in each center, the problem of 911 pocket dials and subsequent hang-ups, and what each center is doing to raise awareness with the general public about E911, and what services their agencies provide.
Special Thanks to NG9-1-1 Institute Deputy Director, Carla Anderson for lining up this prestigious group of Public Safety officials, in our Nations Capitol.