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Effective Goal Setting – 5 Ways to Stick to Your Goals

Updated 4 months ago.

As cliché as it sounds, there is nothing else that determines success more than effective goal setting. Effective goals provide the clarity and path to reach success and achievement, including new business plans, professional development to New Year’s resolutions, etc.

However, goal setting is not an easy process, despite its crucial role. Goals are the first steps towards our future planning and impact the development of our skills concerning the multiple facets of life. They help us identify the targets where we can launch our proverbial arrows.

Hence, it is not an easy process to identify goals. If you wish to pave a smooth and sure way to success, here are a few things you need to know about effective goal setting and achievement.

Before we launch into a detailed explanation, I’d like you to answer this question. Do you currently possess a mindset that allows growth and achievement of goals through your life and sheer hard work? Your answer determines your mindset power.

You see, having the right mindset is what establishes the difference between failure and achieving remarkable results. A powerful mindset empowers you to work hard and dedicate your life to making your dreams and ambitions come true. If you don’t own the mindset that allows this, then your achievement quota will be limited and uninspiring.

When it comes to effective goal setting, nothing can be more beneficial than a growth mindset. The latter is a form of thinking that convinces your subconscious into believing in your capabilities of success. It urges you to think that you can get whatever you want in life only if you put your mind and effort into it.

Ability undoubtedly plays an integral part too, but it will not suffice till you have a concrete belief system. Moreover, you will have to align your beliefs with the proper habits to propel you into positive action.

Do you know what the most powerful tool humans possess? Yep, it is our brain!

If you find computers impressive, you’d be awestruck to know that our brains have a series of processors inside, typically like a computer’s. You can only imagine its tremendous capability of thought and conscious actions at a time. This all narrows down to one concrete fact: our brain possesses magnificent processing powers to help us achieve our goals.

Tapping into this exceptional power is essential, and here’s how you should do it:

To tap into this exceptional concept, here are a few helpful tips.
• The brain is capable of one thought at a time. Hence, it would be best if you only used it positively. Have an internal self-talk and allow your brain to tell you that you can achieve absolutely anything. Allow your brain to eliminate all self-defeating negative talk and replace it with, “I can and will do it!”
• You possess an unbelievably incredible subconscious mind with a reticulating activation power. Your mind can hear it all, see it all, and process an astonishing amount of data. When you set goals, your subconscious brain captures it. Then it scours the data to create opportunities where you can earn success using your subconscious thinking.

If the mindset is your most powerful tool, then the power of belief is the driving force that pushes you closer to achieving your goals. You see, your belief system plays an equally vital part in effective goal setting and achievement.

Success comes easily once you start believing in yourself and in your abilities. Belief is ultimately the foundation that decides your path to a greater, successful, and accomplished life. If you doubt the truth of the old adage, “Believe you can do it and success will come itself,” then put it to the test.

When an insurmountable problem comes your way, make yourself believe that you will overcome it. Once you establish that belief, just wait and watch how your mind automatically opens and starts seeking competitive solutions to resolve the issue.

But convince yourself that you are a failure and doomed, then your mind too will close up and accept defeat without putting up a fight. If there was no credibility in the power of belief, dear friends, you wouldn’t have survived life thus far. Problems would have consumed you long ago.

If you stand strong and upright today, it is only because your power of belief has upheld you throughout the storms of life thus far.

Every individual has a unique approach to manifestation, yet there exist some basic principles for it. Primarily, it begins by recognizing and determining exactly what you want. If there is one simple truth of life, it is that only you alone know your dreams. Whether it is a new business plan, a new career path or whatever you desire, know it and own it.

When you make your intention as specific as possible, you’d be more competent at effective goal setting. The more precise you are, the better it will be for you. Instead of saying, “I want to establish my business,” develop a detailed plan of what the business would be about, what scope you are looking at, capital, and revenues, etc.

5 Ways to Stick to Your Goals

1. Definition and Clarity
For effective goal setting and achievement, you must begin with definition and clarity. Well defined goals, using the SMART goals theory, can be of great use to start. When you take time to understand the ‘WHAT’ and ‘WHY’, the ‘HOW,’ it becomes easy after that.

The ‘WHY’ is your purpose and anchor, which will keep you grounded and balanced. At the same time, it will also keep you moving forward even when storms come during the goals-achieving journey.

2. Make it Practical and Manageable
If the goals ahead of you are too challenging, then break them down. Simplify the attainment of your goals by not focusing on the big picture at the start but rather on outlining the step-by-step process. This way, you will not confuse your brain with a million opened tabs and exacerbate your stress levels.

You will only ensure that you set practical and achievable targets one day at a time till you accomplish the big picture bit by bit. It would also help to set deadlines and mark targets on your calendar.

3. Develop Goals-Aligned Habits
If your habits are becoming an obstruction in the path of achieving your goals, then fix or replace them. Develop habits that draw you closer to achieving your goals, not away from them. Does the habit of waking up late keep you from productivity? If yes, it would be best to change it.

Does your routine not help you meet deadlines at work? Change it as best as you can. Get rid of the triggers that propel you towards bad habits and develop those that make you a goal-oriented person.

4. Commitment
This may sound too common again, but nothing helps you stick more to your goals than commitment. You have to commit fully to experience complete achievement. Use visualization to re-channel your commitment.

Create images in your mind of the best life you can live when you achieve your goals. When you visualize the fruits of your effort and hard work, you will strengthen your commitment towards your goals.

5. Planning
Your failure to plan or plan to fail has a direct impact on effective goal setting and achievement. The quality of your planning directly affects your performance concerning your goals. With proper and qualitative planning, you can focus on the crucial tasks while avoiding distractions.

Final Thoughts
Effective goal setting and achievement of success depend on confidence and belief in our abilities, in our planning quality, and more. The ability to plan positively and believe in our potential impacts our control over future outcomes.

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Aim for what you want each and every day!
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