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Mark and Rob host 42 to Doomsday, Australia's longest running and most popular Doctor Who podcast. We chat about the show, and leave the reviews and DVD commentaries to everyone else!

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42 to Doomsday - Collecting & COVID

Updated 7 months ago.

Episode 92 - 2020 was a year like no other, and in this episode we are again joined by Aron Challinger, proprietor of Aron's Collectibles, to discuss the impact COVID 19 had on Doctor Who merchandising, particularly from a new series perspective.

We find out what has (and what hasn't!) been flying off the shelves. We ponder the question: are manufacturers delaying new releases until changes are made to the series AND do fans really need to sell a kidney to own a complete set of Doctor Who WH Allen Hardbacks?

All this plus is there any hope the situation will improve for the 60th anniversary? And once again, because Rob needs that Missing Episodes fix and we again venture down that rabbit hole to chew over the idea that the only way to reignite interest in the current series is the return missing story or three (*cough Marco Polo *cough)