The Agitator: Voices of PDA

PDA is proud to introduce “Agitator Voices of Progressive Democrats of America,” a series of kitchen table conversations with members of the PDA community led by Tim Carpenter, PDA National Director. We hope you enjoy the conversation!

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The Agitator: Voices of PDA Episode 10

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Episode 10: The Agitator Voices of PDA is a montage of audio clips recorded at the July 23-25 Sixth Annual Grassroots Leadership Conference in Cleveland, Ohio. Listen to Pentagon whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg, PDA Advisory Board member and political consultant Steve Cobble, PDA Deputy Director Laura Bonham, National Priorities Project Executive director Jo Commerford, Healthcare NOT Warfare Campaign Co-chair Donna Smith, PDA California State Coordinator Bill Honigman, journalist and founding director of the Park Center for Independent Media and endowed chair/associate professor of journalism at Ithaca College Jeff Cohen and Former PDA-endorsed candidate and Advisory Borad member Marcy Winograd. Music by Tom Neilson. Produced by David Pakman.