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Choochagatari Unlimited Train Works 9: Clowns Wear Big Shoes

Updated 7 months ago.

Love is in the air for the Choochagatari crew as John lets Rose bring Robyn, one of her (many) girlfriends, on the show to chat! While normally that would have been enough to fill an episode, things quickly take a darker turn as Rose is haunted by anime clowns, and John keeps bringing up feet for some reason. Luckily Trixie watched all of Steins;Gate so there was /some/ anime talk this time around, and Robyn had all sorts of things to say about some #Retro anime she digs a lot!

The opening theme to this week's episode is Kimi Janakya Dame Mitai by Ōishi Masayoshi, which is the opening to Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun. The ending theme is the ending to the third episode of Kaguya-Sama: Love is War, performed by Konomi Kohara.

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