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A Look Back and a Look Forward

Updated 2 months ago.

With 2020 coming to an end, we’ve released our 2021 cyber security predictions report, videos with our senior leaders and more. Our hot, Luke McNamara asked General Earl Matthews, VP, Strategy for Mandiant Security Validation to join him on 'Eye on Security' to discuss what we can expect in the cyber space heading into a new year based on the threat activity we’ve seen recently.

Ransomware isn’t going away any time soon, so Luke asked General Matthews how he’s seen executives react to this new type of threat and if that has impacted how they think of security. We also explore the increasing risk ransomware poses to operational technology based on some of the ransomware campaigns we have seen this year.

We also talk in depth about third-party risk—a risk that’s been around for a long time, but that we’ll see increasingly exploited by threat actors. General Matthews also shared some personal stories about his time as a CISO that you won’t want to miss.

General Matthews and Luke finish their chat with an interesting look at which industries have adopted security validation and the benefits of this solution for providing proof of security effectiveness.