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“Mozelleology” is a podcast full of eclectic information. Personally, I absolutely LOVE learning about new things… even if I do not agree with them or they seem “out there”. At the very least, what I hear feeds my brain, otherwise I feel like I’m wasting valuable time. So as I share interesting topics with my listeners, I just ask that you keep an open mind. You just never know what you could learn, and what could change your life or the life of someone you love. While some of my episodes may inspire you and others may turn you off completely, I am pretty certain about one thing… listening to this podcast will provide you with great topics for conversation. If you are ever at a loss for words or stuck in an awkward moment, just say, “Hey guess what I heard on the Mozelleology podcast today…?” because for years I have said, “Knowledge is worthless unless it’s shared”. So... start sharing @

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Dr. Charles Parker Interviews Mozelle Martin

Updated 6 months ago.

Join Mozelle as she is interviewed by Dr. Charles Parker of the Core Brain Journal @ // "Handwriting Took Mozelle Out of Her Darkness". Mozelle Martin is a forensics expert with a specific skill-set regarding not only handwriting analysis – but how to use handwriting practices to encourage changes in underlying personality traits. Yes, handwriting awareness and analysis can provide answers to underlying conflicts. Now, this may sound a bit odd – beyond arcane – but in the spirit of diverse information and continuing here at CBJ to consider interesting options that might provide different useful answers I’ve included this interview. Listen up, her insights are persuasive. // "Finding Herself" Mozelle was adopted at birth and raised as an only child by successful entrepreneurs, yet in an exceedingly toxic childhood environment. Today she is grateful for these experiences because they helped her fine-tune the life she wanted. Always feeling like “the girl behind the fence” she now appreciates her driven purpose to remain focused on healing and success. // Handwriting is but one of her unlocking tools. After growing up in the forensics field, and serving a short time in the military, Mozelle opened her coaching practice in 1987 and became the first person in modern history to create a personality-changing, brain-based program through using one’s handwriting to change personality characteristics. // Since that time, Mozelle’s career as a forensic expert continued to grow rapidly. She then moved into consulting for law enforcement agencies around the world, and regularly serves as a legal consultant and an expert witness. // * Her Media Experience * Throughout her career, Mozelle has been featured on international radio and television programs, and in print media. She has been a consultant for the writers of Criminal Minds, has given commentaries to media outlets such as ABC, NBC, Crime Watch Daily, TruTV, is a former newspaper columnist, and morning shows regular. She is a member of the Mental Health Awareness Coalition and the National Organization for Women and is a Board Member of the Council of Families for Children. // Additionally, Mozelle is a Forensic Case Consultant, working closely with her colleague, a retired Federal Agent. After 14 years of college, Mozelle graduated with a Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology, finishing in the top 15% of graduate students worldwide. She also holds a Doctorate in Transcendental Psychology and has worked as a Forensic Mental Health Professional in various correctional facilities across the USA. She currently teaches forensics at a Phoenix-area college and is listed in the Mental Health Professional Referral Network (MHPRN) @
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