Auckland Zen Centre: Weekly Podcasts

In this podcast you can find all the talks given at the Auckland Zen Centre, back to 2016. Most talks are by Sensei Amala Wrightson, but there are also talks from Richard von Sturmer and senior students too.

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2022-05-24 The Way of Zazen 2

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Comments on an introductory lecture to a group of lay practitioners by Rindo Fujimoto (1894-1974), a Sōtō Zen teacher who trained under Sogaku Harada (Rōshi Kapleau's first main teacher) and Tōin Iida.
Source: The Way of Zazen by Rindo Fujimoto, translated by Tetsuya Inoue and Joshihiku Tanigawa, Cambridge Buddhist Association, 1961.
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