The American Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine present our Regional Anesthesia and Pain Podcast (ASRA RAPP). This podcast is designed to bring you ongoing conversations in this exciting field of medicine throughout the year. The podcast is hosted by Dr. Raj Gupta and Dr. Eric Schwenk but will include many guests from the ASRA community. We will discuss current topics in both regional anesthesia and pain medicine, we will invite authors of significant publications to help explain their work, we will debate the merits and pitfalls of new technology and therapy, and we will inform you about important events where you can participate with the ASRA community in person. Join in the conversation with ASRA!

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Episode 33 - Updates to the ASRA News and the New ASRA News

Updated 3 months ago.

Raj Gupta (@dr_rajgupta) and Eric Schwenk (@ESchwenkMD) talk to Kris Schroeder (@KristopherSchr6), the editor of the ASRA News and ASRA News podcast, about some of the great changes in the works and already happening in ASRA publishing. Recorded 03/27/2019.

Our guest:
Kris Schroeder - @KristopherSchr6 -

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