Mt. Zion Kalamazoo Youth Ministry Podcast

The Mt. Zion Youth Ministry Podcast is here to empower youth, parents, and youth ministry workers to further the mission of Christ. Mt. Zion is located in Kalamazoo, MI. Dr. Addis Moore is the senior pastor.

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EP. 01 - Youth Ministry Podcast Introduction

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Episode Description & Show Notes

Each month we aim to empower you to transform the lives of youth so they can change the world we live in through real and relevant content & conversations. This podcast is the first of many. Meet your host and learn what this new podcast is all about.

Show Notes


Why a Youth Ministry Podcast? (1:30)

Pain into Passion (2:31)

Youth Ministry Experience (4:22)

Podcast Goals (7:45)

Targeted Topics (9:28)

Expected Guest (10:31)

How to connect (12:45)

Connect with Rev. Mo Brooks –

Check out the Mt. Zion Christian Ed -

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