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Warning Signs Of Disaster | Part 4: The Daniel Dilemma

Liquid Church Message Video


Warning Signs Of Disaster | Part 4: The Daniel Dilemma

Updated about 1 month ago.

Ever hear the expression “The writing is on the wall”? It’s something we say when a situation becomes so serious that everyone can see a disaster is coming. Or, wonder how “knee knocking” came to represent fear? Both of these phrases actually originate from the Old Testament book of Daniel in the Bible, when God provided warning signs that disaster was coming upon the ancient empire of Babylon.

In this message from Part 4 of Liquid Church’s The Daniel Dilemma Series, Pastor Tim Lucas walks us through the prophetic chapter of Daniel 5. We learn that Babylon was known for pride and pleasure: Characteristics that are also glorified in our culture today. This powerful and unusual chapter of the Bible calls us to open our modern-day eyes to recognize warning signs of disaster, both in our nation and in our own personal lives. Ultimately, it’s not too late to turn to Christ. When any nation repents of their sin and turns to the Lord, God is good to forgive sin and heal the land.

This 5-part message series from Liquid Church is perfect for Small Group study. So, watch this message to learn how you, too, can stand firm and love well in a culture of compromise.

The Daniel Dilemma Series | Pastor Tim Lucas | Liquid Church |

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