Play the Game 2019: Athlete power on the rise

Audio recordings from the sessions at 'Play the Game 2019: Athlete power on the rise'. The conference took place in Colorado Sports, CO, USA on 13-16 October 2019.

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Legal rights and whistleblowing

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Play the Game 2019: Legal rights and whistleblowing

Monday 14 October 2019, 2.15 PM

Chair: Amelia Fouques

Jack Anderson: The proposed national sports tribunal for Australia: An effective remedy for athletes?

Gregory Ioannidis & Howard Jacobs: Protecting athletes' rights in anti-doping litigation: Self-regulation & judicial intervention

Kelsey Erickson: Whistleblowing: An appealing avenue for exposing and deterring doping?

Laurie Patterson: Investigating determinants of whistleblowing on doping in sport

Faraz Shahlaei: International responsibility of states and victims of state-sponsored doping