Dunk Knows Best

Put the world to rights with Duncan Oldham's politically incorrect 'Dunk Knows Best' podcast. Not for snowflakes or the easily offended. Join the Big Man each week to discuss what's been in the news. Email your thoughts about current events or ask Dunk's opinion about something by emailing dunkknowsbest @ gmail.com.

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Princes, Pizza and Punani!

Updated about 21 days ago.

It's episode 3 of The Dunk Knows Best podcast. Subjects up for discussion include Brexit (urgh), John Bercow, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and Caroline Flack. Your host, Duncan Oldham, also touches on throttling people (with their consent) and why he prefers a pizza after a night out instead of a bit of laid down jogging. Email your views, questions and Dear Dunk dilemmas to dunkknowsbest @ gmail . com.