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Secrets of Self Employment

Updated a long time ago.

Unemployment sucks. More people are losing jobs every day, and those that still have jobs worry about losing them. Families are suffering, homes are being foreclosed, fear is rampant.

...What can we do about this? The best remedy for unemployment is... Self Employment!

This program covers-

* What can you do to make money NOW?

* What is the fastest, easiest way to
build your own business?

* What business can you start for little
or no money that will allow you to earn
more than your old job within a year?

* If you have a job, how can you transition
from paycheck to self employment with low or no risk?

With David Steele and Frankie Doiron from Relationship Coaching Institute. We are providing this program as a public service because we love being self employed and are strong advocates for self employment. There is no sales pitch and nothing to buy.