An Honorable Mention with Shane Hagadorn & Jeff Schwartz

On An Honorable Mention, former ROH wrestler and manager Shane Hagadorn and his co-host Jeff Schwartz discuss a different event, star, or period from Ring Of Honor history each episode! Shane was there, and shares his ROH expertise, experiences, and secrets with the audience, leaving no stone unturned!

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Episode 43: Roderick Strong - Destiny Fulfilled

Updated 3 months ago.


Roderick Strong was a centerpiece of Ring of Honor for a long time before he was ever crowned champion...just over 5 years and 15 unsuccessful title shots to be specific. The DVD compilation, dubbed "Destiny Fulfilled" by Hagadorn & the ROH Bristol Office, was a chronicle of just a portion of that journey. Featuring bouts with the likes of KENTA, Davey Richards, Tyler Black (Seth Rollins), and others, it also provided words straight from the Roderick's mouth about his journey to being called World Champion.
Join Jeff & Shane as they take a dive into this 2-Disc set to talk about the matches, the man, and the stories!
Matches discussed include:
ROH World Championship Nigel McGuinness (Champion) vs. Roderick Strong “Driven 2008” – Boston, MA – 9.19.2008
Roderick Strong vs. Katsuhiko Nakajima “Supercard of Honor IV” – Houston, TX – 4.3.2009
ROH World Championship Jerry Lynn (Champion) vs. Roderick Strong “A Cut Above” – Dayton, OH – 4.24.2009
ROH World Tag Team Championship The American Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) (Champions) vs. Roderick Strong & KENTA “Violent Tendencies” – Detroit, MI – 6.26.2009
Roderick Strong vs. Bryan Danielson “ROH on HDNet Episode 34” – Philadelphia, PA – 9.11.2009
Roderick Strong vs. Brian Kendrick “8th Anniversary Show” – New York, NY – 2.13.2010
ROH World Championship Tyler Black (Champion) vs. Roderick Strong Special Ringside Enforcer: Terry Funk “Glory By Honor XI” – New York, NY – 9.11.2010
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