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The David Spoon Experience 11-23-22 Part 2

Updated about 2 days ago.

TOP SHOW: 1) What was the mission of Jesus? If you ask someone who doesn’t know Jesus from a paper bag, they will say, “to spread love.” Wrong. The first-time love is mentioned in the New Testament is almost a third of the way into the Sermon on the Mount. And God’s definition of love is NOT love is love. So, the mission of Jesus Christ is identified at the beginning of the New Testament. It is clear. It is unmistakable. And if someone tells you otherwise, they have diluted knowledge of Jesus Christ. The mission of Jesus Christ is to save people from their sins. 2) But so much confusion is attached to understanding what being saved from sin means. And the reason is that salvation cannot be put in a box any more than the Author of salvation can be put in a box. Nevertheless, we can certainly understand salvation or God what have not informed us that we need to be saved. And if salvation came from us (as opposed to a gift from God), the Lord would have made our Saviour a banker. That would be so that He could teach us how to have a positive balance in our morality bank account instead of a negative balance through good works. 3) What we can say is that the reason that God offers us the gift of salvation IS... because He loves us. He loved us, loves us, and will love us. But that is only from our perspective. From God’s perspective, His love never moved.