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The David Spoon Experience Part 2 1-14-22

Updated about 2 days ago.

Welcome to the 90-minute show of The David Spoon Experience.

This 60-minutes is all about:

1) Every once in a while, it appears to be a good idea that acting with kindness towards other people is nice. This is because one of the fruits (Yes, we would say fruits, as in plural, because the Greek word is plural and is called a plural tantum) of the Holy Spirit is kindness. So, when we are kind to others and even to ourselves, we are connecting to the Spirit. On top of that, being kind to others mirrors how Jesus often engaged with people. No, not every person. But indeed, with many (Acts 10:38).

2) How awesome are the things that the Lord has bestowed upon us. How blessed and fortunate we are for the things the Lord has sent in our direction. And here is a wonderful truth; God does NOT bestow and bless and send great things into our lives so that we can celebrate them by ourselves. The reality is that we are stewards of the gifts of God. And these gifts are for the blessings of others as well as ourselves.

3) We offer another devotional from our beloved friend, Pastor Ray Bentley. Sometimes, these devotionals are simple. At other times, they are more complex. Sometimes they are easy. At other times, they can be difficult. Today’s devotional review is entitled “Difficult Peace,” which should communicate that this will be easy. But then again, not so easy. Oy vey. Is it Friday yet? Yes. Yes, it is. Thank God, it’s Friday.