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The David Spoon Experience 9-24-20

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It’s Expository Thursday, Expository Thursday, on a Thursday, as we work together to know the letter better. Into the deeper parts of Philippians, we travel to understand what things that the Lord doth require of us. And learn to apply God’s timeless truths in our lives. And if we fall short, to seek His aide …in order to do better…and to be better. First up, if Jesus didn’t find it necessary to hold on to His Divine position, when he willingly became a man, what could we possibly have in our lives that we “think” we need to hold on to? Next, we examine the best way to make our lives of smaller reputation. It is amazingly simple to see. It’s just not very simply…for many of us to do. And finally, society is freaking out right now about privilege. But this is not a “new thing.” And Jesus shows us His example of how we are supposed to view… ANY human privilege. Uh oh!