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The David Spoon Experience Part 2 7-30-21

Updated about 3 days ago.

TDSE Descriptions for 90

Welcome to the 90-minute show of The David Spoon Experience.

This 60-minutes is all about:

1) Remember the cowardly lion? Put em up, put em up! The one thing he needed was courage. Think about it. It takes courage to believe God. Of course, people will mock you for your faith. That’s not new. But how we stand regarding that mocking demonstrates our courage. And courage, mixed with a mustard seed of faith, produces serious well-being.

2) Noodle baker, noodle baker. How are we doing when it comes to living for the praises of God and not for people? Does our courage shine through, or do we act all formal and stiff around other people? Starch is great for shirts (I think), but not for faith. Real faith can walk on water. Hey…wait. That’s not too dignified.

3) The Lord knows what He’s doing, despite our second-guessing nature. The graciousness of our God brings into three sections of a journey. The first is out. The second is through. And the last is into. We need to walk as the people of God. There is, for each one of us, a Promise Land. Say Amen!