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Ep. 19: Cutting Room Resurrection II

Updated a long time ago.

Sometimes, our podcasts overflow and we have just too much awesome stuff to craw into our time limits.

So, every now and again, we present a "Cutting Room Resurrection" episode, where we present stuff that we had to cut, but was too good to let it slip into infinity unheard by you!


Cast: Matt Coker (and featuring clips with Kevin Welborn, Megan Oaks, John Birkey, Hillary Peltz, and guest Cipriano Martinez)

Segment 1 - Episode Recap: A Quick rundown of episodes 7 through 18.

Segment 2 - Clip Show: Over the past several episodes, Megan has been determined to take the Back Rowphy from Kevin. Here are the highlights of Megan's 3 (hilarious) attempts.

Special Music: "Soon Will Come a Day" by Constant Halo

Segment 3 - Back Talk: In episode 17, we discussed some of our favorite Church Camp stories and we had so many, we had to cut about half of them. Here is what you missed the first time around.

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