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The David Spoon Experience Part 1 6-24-2022

Updated about 1 month ago.

This 30-minutes is all about: A) Abe gave a tenth. Wow. Mel had to be somebody special. He was. Again, he was a foreshadowing of Christ. To get into it a little more, here is another place in the Old Testament where God shares the Gospel ahead of the Gospel manifestation. B) Abraham was blessed, so he gave. That is as important as any principle in the realm of giving. So God blessed Abe, and Abe gave to express his appreciation to God. C) Oh my. Many people won’t like this, but giving for the teachers (the Levites and the priests) comes from their brothers and sisters. God doesn’t buy the land, build the house, and hand over His monthly stipend. Instead, he charges His kids to provide for the other kids’ needs.