PaddleFit SUP Workout WITH JODELLE

The very first ever SUP audio workout that will guide you through a workout on the water! Certified PaddleFit Instructor and BiC SUP Fitness Trainer and Midwest SUP Ambassador, Jodelle Fitzwater will take you through a total body workout while you are on your SUP! It's cutting edge, it's the first of its kind and it's brought to you by a mermaid who is passionate about SUP and fitness! Let's get sweaty! What's also rad about this podcast, is…no board? No problem! You can do these workouts on land too! Just grab a mat and get busy!

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PaddleFit Strengthen & Stretch

Updated a long time ago.

The act of mindfully activating every muscle brings a new spin on strengthening the body in a gentle yet effective manner. This very beginner-friendly workout combines the best of contracting all the muscles of the body with stretching and relaxing all parts of the body as well. It's just another way of what I call "active relaxation" much as paddling itself is!
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