JK's Happy Hour is a comic’s podcast where we talk to comics professionals live at the Pub. The show has the 3 following mission statements: 1.) Provide listeners with an insight to what it’s like to work in any industry as an artist, writer, creator, etc. 2.) Introduce new readers to comics, art, sci-fi and just general fun, while also informing longtime fans 3.) Entertain the listeners, enjoy the company and get drunk! Comics, sci-fi, and drinking with friends are fun! First and foremost, this podcast should also be FUN!

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JKs Happy Hour: Charles Soule

Updated a long time ago.

We have returning guest Image comics musically influenced supernatural story 27 writer Charles Soule to talk about his new projects Strange Attractors which is available digitally in chapters on Comixology from Archaia Entertainment. It will be available in hardcover in April. We also get into his upcoming run on the DC52 title SWAMP THING. http://charlessoule.wordpress.com/

Also JK is doing a art action to benefit writer/creator Peter David to help him while he is recovering from a stroke. For more info go to http://jkwoodwardart.blogspot.com/

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