No Apologies

Join the boys of the Taylor Network - Chris, Christopher, Juan, Rafael, and Darrell – sit down and discuss all things comics - and some things not so comic. It’s an open and honest discussion where anything goes. No Apologies – you have been warned…

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No Apologies ep 360 Imagine

Updated about 13 hours ago.

With Juan Castro inking it's a full house as Darrell , Gil , CK and Rafael record a new episode.

The show starts with Ck , Darrell and Gil talking the CW Crisis event.

Rafael, CK and Darrell talk the Netflix documentary on Aaron Hernandez's life .

The guy ask is it time for Jason Aaron to go to DC ?

CK talks DC Black Label The Question series.

Denys Cowan and Milestone comics talk .

Jack Kirby art and influence.

Darrell likes a Beatles song .

Rafael prefers Tracie Spencer version of Imagine.

Viggo Mortensen acting.

As well as the usual No Apologies inside jokes .

We brought content this week .

Pure No Apologies fun hope you enjoy it when it drops .

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