Broken Record Ministries

Have you ever felt like a broken record in your faith? Sure we all have. We are all broken in some way or another and Christians look to God for answers. Come join some Christian Men sit around a round table and say how they are broken but with God's grace... they are redeemed.

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Digging Deeper Ep. 6 | The War Above Us (Dan. 10)

Updated 2 months ago.

It's time to dig deep again!
This week we begin with an open discussion on the reality of the radical changes the Spirit brings into our lives, how it can be challenging, and where it should lead us.
Following that and our featured song for the week ("El Shaddai" by Mason Clover), we dig into our main topic: Daniel chapter 10 and the prophet's experience with the spiritual war above us, and how that account connects with what we believe is a current season of intense spiritual warfare. What does it mean, what is the purpose, and how should we be responding?
Thanks for listening! We pray this is a blessing to you.
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Intro and Outro Songs:
"War Going Down" by Steven Salfelder
"War Ready" by ASAP Preach
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Featured Song:
"El Shaddai" by Mason Clover
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