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Watch the VIDEO version of our show at www.OSWreview.com! OSW Review (Old School Wrestling Review) is the #1 Wrestling video podcast in the world! As seen on Botchamania.com, and the biggest independent wrestling page on Facebook, PiledriverWrestling.net. We chronologically critique classic events from the Hulkamania Era in the WWF (WWE). Hosted by Jay Hunter, OSW Review features a panel of longtime (20+ years) wrestling fans. All Irish, All awesome!

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WCW Thunder after Blade Runners Nitro - OSW Review 106

Updated 9 months ago.

The show AFTER Blade Runners Nitro - it's October 17, 1998 WCW Thunder! Featuring Konnan, V1's boy Finlay, V1's boy Chavo, DDP, and The Four Horsemen! It's the most forgettable show of the year! I can hear the nWo B-team revving up