We Bounce Back

Genesis 41:17-25 How was Joseph able to stand eye to eye with Pharaoh... faith in God. Matthew 17:20 Joseph went on to advise Pharaoh with solutions. (Pharaoh was surrounded by advisers) Genesis 41:33 How did Joseph come up with such a great solution? He had the upper hand. Deuteronomy 28:13 The upper hand is not for self-seeking means. It’s to showcase God to an unbelieving people.People of God move people. This is one of primary reasons for church. The local church is the only hope for the world. Church is a divine, God ordained, Christ Commissioned organism created to be an extension of the work of Jesus Christ. Why God planted Bridge Point Church? Mission - BPC exists to bring glory to God by reaching people for Christ and nurturing in the principals of scripture, through inspired worship, biblical stewardship and authentic community that transforms lives in our communities and throughout the world. Vision - Growing on the inside to be a blessing on the outside. One simple man name Joseph offered solutions. You are here and alive to offer solutions to a culture and community looking for help. How does Pharaoh respond to Joseph’s solution? Genesis 41:37-41 We may get knocked down...but we bounce back. How Can I live with an Upper Hand Mentality? Listen & obey the commandments of the Lord. Share what God has done for you to others. Be God’s solution conduit.

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We Bounce Back

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We may get knocked down...but we bounce back.