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KWR # 218: Apocalypso? Part 5, Another Outtake with Fiore

Updated 6 months ago.

THE NEVER AIRED EPISODE...but...OF COURSE we are still here to help you in your bad decision making during quarantine, whether for yourself or simply torturing those close to you. Indie Horror Galore!!!! with Fiore, of Outtakes with Fiore fame, the only official film critic that matters! VIDAR, SUSU,Night of the Virgin, Attack of the Southern Fried Zombies, DRIED BLOOD, Bryce Dallas Howard gets a break? They Remain, THE GOLEM, and more are reviewed for your indulgence. #IrishHorror #attackofthesouthernfriedzombies #sharknado #mnightshamaylan #driedblood #indiehorror #kettlewhistleradio #noctambulist #SUSU #yardpanther