AHA - God Always Sees your Best

God always sees the best in you, when others see my worst. Three ingredients that come together to produce ... AHA Sudden awakening, brutal honesty, and immediate action. Luke 15:11-12 NET This story begins at home. Home is a good place to be. As we evolve in church ...we evolve in home. The father is man of affluence and means. (servants and livestock) He had the means to provide his sons with a good life. What stirred the son to want to leave home? No matter how good it is, how well he is provided for, how much his family loves, he wants to leave. Son is obsessed with doing what he wants, when he wants, that he treats his own father with disrespect. The son was determined to get his... at whatever cost. So what does the Father do...he honors his sons request. He divided his assets. This parable gives us insight about our Heavenly Father. Often the notion is that God is a controlling being. Where it’s His way or no way. God gives full autonomy. Scripture portrays free will. We have the power to choose what to believe. We make our own decisions. We choose our own behavior & destiny. Whether behavior & destiny is in line with God’s will or not. Deuteronomy 30:15-19 NCV God respects and honors your decisions. Even when they are not His best. The story could have ended there. Yet God in His love is willing to go as far as needed to woo you over to choose Him and His commands. How can I pray this week to maximize my AHA with God? To awaken a new perspective (new revelation) of God. To take an honest assessment of your connection with Him. ( Are you open to go deeper with God? ) To incite immediate action. (What steps are you willing to do? Pray more? read the bible more? )

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God always sees your Best

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God always sees the best in you, when others see the worst.