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Christian Wolcott, Lean Trips to Japan with Kaizen Institute

Updated a long time ago.

My guest for podcast episode #223 is Christian Wolcott, a senior advisor and director of Kaizen Institute North America and their director for Japan tours. Christian was an integral part of the team for the Japan Lean Healthcare Tour that I participated in last November as an instructor. Christian taught Lean concepts and facilitated discussions with me and the global attendees.

In this podcast, we talk about our reflections on Japan and the tour, lessons learned, and reasons to go (which include wonderful camaraderie, fine cuisine, and evening discussions with the attendees). You can learn the difference between sushi, shabu shabu, and shōchū, in addition to learning about Lean and Kaizen.

We're planning another tour in September, so please contact me if you'd like to be sent more information and check out the website I've set up about the tours. See past posts I've written about the tours --- http://www.japanleantrip.com.

For a link to this episode, refer people to www.leanblog.org/223.

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