Get My Go

Get My Go is a parody show featuring Mike Durband, Adam Hughes, Joe Feeney, and a host of others, as they listen to and react to some of the worst podcasts in the world! Guest Hosts have included Bin Hamin, Jeff Lane, Rad Rob, The Aussie Guy, The Chadster, Hambone, Grappler 7 and more!

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Ep. 38: Meticulously Iconic

Updated about 11 days ago.

(This episode is a continuation of Get My Go Ep. 37) Joe, Mike and Hughezy watch and critique the premiere episode of India's favorite YouTube show, "Fig Life"! Jonny Podcasting and "The Real Deal Heel" talk about buying and selling wrestling action figures, give collecting tips, and reveal how the "Real Deal" inspired Mr. Podcasting to (seemingly overnight) start his collection! Featuring cameos from Vince Russo, Vic Venom, Dean "The Aussie Guy", and The Illumination!