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Ep. 4: Easter - Better Than a Thousand Christmases?

Updated a long time ago.

It's Easter time - The Super Bowl of Christianity! We've got a special episode with our largest group of guests so far!


Special Guests: John Birkey, Hillary Peltz, & Kevin Welborn

Featured Music: "Search for More" by Austin Stanley

Segment 1: Game Time - We loved it so much last week that we brought it back for another go, it's "The Easter Whisper Challenge", where we see who can read lips the best. (This time, The Back Rowphy is on the line!)

Segment 2: Special Offering - We get out of our comfort zone and play a game called "Questions Only", where you must act out a scene but you may only speak in questions.

Segment 3: Back Chat - We discuss some interesting Easter statistics and then get a little serious as we talk about the danger of Christians taking the Easter story for granted just because we've heard it so much.