Live from the ManCave!!!

Are you tired of stupid critics telling what you should and shouldn't watch? Listen to two regular guys named CraigMakk & Serious Jest who ramble on about their favorite movies, TV shows, and gaming, all while they have a few beers and maybe even make you laugh! Strap in, grab a beer, and welcome to "Live from the ManCave!!!

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Live from the MCU Ep6 FEAR the Banana Hammock

Updated about 27 days ago.

Welcome back to "Live from the MCU!!!" The Villains get a day off...and boy, is the whole world going to pay for their vacation policy. One thing is for sure, no one else finds them as funny as they do right now. SERPENSORTIA!!

In this episode, CraigMakk finds that he picked a really bad day to stop drinking; Serious Jest absolutely hits his RP'ing stride when talking about a) dildo hallucinations and/or b) his dick; GM Jim Sardonic welcomes the world premiere of his new buddy, Sidekick BotJim; and shit literally hits the fan when these two "SuperVillains" decide to take some PTO from their day job. Prepare to order a whole shitload of new "Live from the ManCave!!!" t-shirts after this one; learn how differently the guys handle compliments; uncover the painful truth that no one cares about the story in a porno (or an RPG); listen to their very own Amazing Fantasy #5, the spectacular birth of Florida Man; and much, much more. All while finding out about some pretty crazy drinks. So strap in, grab yourself a beer, and just start beating it and see what happens in "Live from the MCU!!!"

Drinks of the Show:
Wells Banana Bread Beer
Japanese Plum Gekkeikan Saki
Orange Ass-Water (don't ask)