Live from the ManCave!!!

Are you tired of stupid critics telling what you should and shouldn't watch? Listen to two regular guys named CraigMakk & Serious Jest who ramble on about their favorite movies, TV shows, and gaming, all while they have a few beers and maybe even make you laugh! Strap in, grab a beer, and welcome to "Live from the ManCave!!!

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Episode 30 Part 5: Errbody in the Cave Gettin' Tipsy

Updated about 28 days ago.

Welcome back to "Live from the ManCave!!!" Have you ever heard of the game, "Around the Bar"? In case you haven't, it's the game where a couple of guys sit around a bar, drinking and talking about some semi-current events...while getting pretty banged up. Fair warning for you: never start the game with a 10% ABV beer.

In this part of the "holiday" episode, CraigMakk reminds you that he may kind of like Batman a teeny, tiny bit (SPOILER ALERT: he's a lonely, sad, and pathetic BatGeek that will die alone); Serious Jest discusses the quality of sex performed by ladies with mental instabilities...and Tonya Harding; special guest Jim Sardonic is hacking you through your computer/smart phone as we speak; plus you'll hear about the impending launch of Cave Water II: The Return of CaveWater; uncover more revelations that the biggest "MindFuck" of 2020 is how easy it is to "Gaslight" America; take a crash course on why Pepe the Frog just plain sucks; witness the appearance of Keanu Reeves on a bender; hope you really like Harley Quinn and Margot Robbie, because you're going to hear about them...A LOT; plus listen to the guys drink some incredible Tavour-acquired beers (and whiskey) while rambling on about Mitch McConnell, Care Bears and much, much more. You probably should strap in, grab yourself a pretty strong beer (you'll need it to hang with these guys), and welcome back to "Live from the ManCave!!!"

Beer(s) of the Show:

- Odd 13 Brewing Moon Master IPA with Vanilla
- Urban Artifact Epicurean Cherries Jubilee Ale
- The Alchemist Skadoosh American IPA
- WeldWerks Brewing Company Coffee Coconut Stout
- SingleCut Beersmiths I'm An Alligator Imperial IPA

Serious Jest:
- Energy City Brewing Company Battisserie S'Mores Stout
- Eagle Park Brewing Company Tropical Trance Imperial Milkshake IPA
- Modis Brewing Company False Pattern New England Pale Ale

Jim Sardonic:
- Jim Beam's Red Stag Whiskey (he's a drunken badass)