Live from the ManCave!!!

Are you tired of stupid critics telling what you should and shouldn't watch? Listen to two regular guys named CraigMakk & Serious Jest who ramble on about their favorite movies, TV shows, and Hollywood life, all while they have a few beers and maybe even make you laugh! Grab a drink, strap in and welcome to "Live from the ManCave!!!

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Episode 28 Part Two: You Drunk My Battleship!!!

Updated about 8 days ago.

Welcome back to "Live from the ManCave!!!," where the holidays never truly end as long as it's still cold outside. And if you live anywhere in North America, holy CRAP, is it friggin' cold outside!

In this episode, CraigMakk continues his heroic ability to control his own self-inflicted "safe word"; Jest proves himself a podcast rookie when it comes to mic technique; and the guys deconstruct a nearly 80 year old apparent Christmas tradition of peer pressuring women via song and mysterious drinks. Also, welcome to the brand new Christmas tradition of ManCave Battleship, which you will surely be playing for years on end with your children and grandchildren! Okay, maybe not. But CraigMakk & Serious Jest sure will, and screw you, because this is their podcast. Oh, and prepare to hear about a ton of incredible holiday beers, because....why, not, am I right? So strap in, grab yourself a beer, and welcome back to "Live from the ManCave!!!", holiday-style!

Beer(s) of the Show: Flying Monkeys Chocolate Manifesto Triple Chocolate Milk Stout, Dogfish Head Mixed Media "Saison-esque" Ale, and Treehouse Brewing Julius American IPA.