Live from the ManCave!!!

Are you tired of stupid critics telling what you should and shouldn't watch? Listen to two regular guys named CraigMakk & Serious Jest who ramble on about their favorite movies, TV shows, and gaming, all while they have a few beers and maybe even make you laugh! Strap in, grab a beer, and welcome to "Live from the ManCave!!!

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Episode 30 Part Three: Clicks per Second

Updated about 14 days ago.

Welcome back to "Live from the ManCave!!!" As the holiday shenanigans continue, you get an opportunity to learn all there is to know about GabeGonzo! SPOILER ALERT: He fits in with the degenerates pretty well.
In this episode, CraigMakk learns that he's not nearly smart enough to hang with the MOBA boys; Serious Jest mocks the "PC gamer nerds" because they probably get more ass than he does; Special Guest GabeGonzo hopes and prays his wife never listens to this episode; plus, get ready for an insanely deep dive into Dota 2 (whether you wanted to or not); hear a special PSA to Sony to bring back SOCOM mic communication; laugh while you hear the sentient ManCave itself give GabeGonzo the Gong Show hook; and much more, all while enjoying some great beers. So strap in, grab yourself a beer, and welcome back to "Live from the ManCave!!!" The one podcast where you can always keep the change, you filthy animal!