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The creative team of Coal Hill Inc. come together to discuss news and happenings in the world of Doctor Who. Additionally, they are on a (slow) journey to watch every story and discuss it in detail on the show. For more information about Coal Hill and our mission to improve fandom via education and fun innovative content please check out

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Ep 100 - "Gridlock" commentary & State Of The Fandom

Updated a long time ago.

That's right - it's the 100th edition of the Coal Hill AV Club, so - I don't know - I guess you should pretend this podcast is wrapped in a special gold leaf cover like Robert Holmes' "Two Doctors" novelization. Here's the deal: we start off talking about why we love the fandom and why it's a great time to be a fan, what with the Twitch stream and all. After about 25 minutes of that, we launch into a hilarious, insightful, snarktastic live commentary of the 2007 Doctor Who episode "Gridlock", because hey why the heck not?

26:51 - "Gridlock" pre-commentary
30:09 - Actual commentary

(note: we were watching the Amazon Prime streaming version - we're 99% sure the DVD has the same edit, but if it doesn't, please let us know so we can crack some skulls.)

twitter: @coalhillavclub