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Timberwolves Explosion is the original Minnesota Timberwolves Podcast, starting back in August 2008. Basketball knowledge is something that is always welcome here, much more than just endless homerism, this show is not for the overly sensitive types out there. Follow us on twitter: @TwolvesEx

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State Of The Timberwolves 2022

Updated about 7 days ago.

Here it is, the annual granddaddy of them all, State of the Timberwolves 2022! We put a bow on the 2021-2022 Timberwolves season, with our annual awards and demerits. A brief rant about the end of the postseason with a classic segment 1.5. We then look towards the future with the upcoming draft and free agency period. Lastly, we get to all of your comments on facebook and twitter!
We hear from @Vinrok44 @TahnaeWilsonBro @LeviWB @Nicktimus3000 @158Wolves @rodman99mn @AIIThingsWolves @WolvesFan329 @asiddiqui15 and @HoopsRandom!

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