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We get together every week to talk up the news in gaming, the games we're playing, and basically whatever else might come up. Oh yeah, we drink and rate beer that we don't properly know how to evaluate.

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Ep 329 - Disco Elysium Mutton Chops - 04/06/2020

Updated about 3 days ago.

Oh me, oh my! We’re all still trapped inside! Come join The HUGE Crew for another episode of the Hopped-Up Gaming: East podcast! This week on the show, Ben, Tim, Matt, and Evan talk about The 13th Floor, Bloodshot, 28 Weeks Later, Resident evil Apocalypse, Resident Evil 3 Remake, Mysterirum, Tabletop simulator, Imperial Assault, Dungeons and Dragons, Doom Eternal, Breath of the Wild DLC, Star Wars KOTOR 2, FFX-2, Super Smash Bros Tournaments, and more!

As always keep sending questions to hugecrew@hoppedupeast.com, we love them!

Beer featured this week: A bunch of improvised stuff, no official reviews this week!