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Ep. 16: Begging for Volunteers

Updated a long time ago.

Finding volunteers for church committees and programs can be difficult. Why is it that way? Why should we volunteer? And for those who volunteer TOO MUCH, when should we learn to say "No, not this time."?


Cast: Matt Coker, Kevin Welborn, & Megan Oaks

Featured Music: "Lines On a Page" by Austin Stanley, from the EP "Search for More"

Segment 1 - Game Time: Kevin and Megan face off for the 3rd time, this time for a game of "Before & After: Worship Titles". Will Megan finally dethrone the only Back Rowphy Champion this podcast has ever had?

Segment 2 - Back Tack: We discuss our frustrations in finding volunteers, why it's so important for Christian to give their time and serve others, and how much volunteering is too much.

Theme music created by Kevin Reddoch Productions.