The wacky world of WTF that is an adult wrestling theme show. Based on a public access show in New York City.

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WTF TV Live 7/16/19: 350 DAYS EPISODE



WTF TV Live 7/16/19: 350 DAYS EPISODE

Updated 5 months ago.

This week, Nelson Torres return to the studio as he presenting something a little bit different than usual.

Nelson has the creative team behind the wrestling documentary 350 Days. This includes Darren Antola, Fulvio Cecere, David Wilkins and Evan Ginzburg.

This video was shot in MNN Studios and aired live on July 16th, 2019.

WTF TV Live is hosted by Nelson Torres and airs LIVE every Tuesday night at 11:00pm EST on Manhattan Time Warner Cable Spectrum Ch.34 and Verizon FiOS in the NYC area Ch.35. It is also streamed LIVE at

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