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We get together every week to talk up the news in gaming, the games we're playing, and basically whatever else might come up. Oh yeah, we drink and rate beer that we don't properly know how to evaluate.

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Ep 464 - Valkyries are hard - 11/07/2022

Updated about 1 year ago.

Ben, Tim, and Matt hold down the fort this week. There’s video games to talk about, movies to talk about, and a whole lot more! You can expect to hear about:

Midnight Club
Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities
God of War 2018
Streaming Games
Persona 5
And more!

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Beer featured this week: Good Monster by Collective Arts Brewing, Big Tiny Nano IPA by Propeller Brewing Company, and Monarch by Tatamagouche Brewing Co.