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Ep. 29: National Recovery Month

Updated a long time ago.

September is National Recovery Month and that means we're talking about our favorite subject: The Celebrate Recovery program. This time, we discuss what CR has meant to us and focus on Celebration Place, a children's program that runs concurrent to the adult CR program.


Host: Matt Coker
Guests: Megan Oaks & Deidra Coker

Featured Music: "Soul Blooms" by Austin Stanley, from his EP album "Search for More"

Game Time: We play "True Lies", where each person tells a "fact" about their past that is either true or a lie and the opponent has 30 seconds to interrogate and guess.

Back Talk: Continuing our discussions from the "Celebrate Recovery Summit" Specials, we discuss what CR means to us, who could benefit from CR, and we take a closer look at Celebration Place, the "pre-covery" program from kids ages 5 to 12.