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VGCC Episode 113: Beanie Baby Body Pillow

Updated a long time ago.

Hit up the Taco Bell for some Apple Soda, it's Chooch 113! Michael's drinking caffeinated water, and the guys spend way too long making up names for root beer. Sips are banned, Devil Daggers is intense, Michael probably shouldn't have taken his flu medicine right before the show, Ryan's been punching up some clubs, and John's on the Streets. We check in with Tubbs, and get some Dreamy Treats, which causes John to start screaming.

Vivendi continue to attempt world domination, some weird VR demos hit Steam, Postal is being remade, and Resident Evil 4, 5 and 6 are gonna be re-released. Ray Sipe is coming to kill John, there's new Pokemon games coming, and Alan Wake is returning. The guys round things off with some questions, and discuss everyone's favourite ice cream.

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