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Riot Radio Show #114

Updated 9 months ago.

Riot Radio Show #114

C.H.E.W.- king kurtis
Antibodies- rat city, baby
Dollhouse- andrew
Intimidation- isolation
Battalion Zośka- 80’s kid
Anticitizen- no more
The Bragging Lads- ghost
Bobby Funk- best friends with kanye
Fracture- recreational outrage
AxeRash- good boy
Q- qus
C.L.A.W.- 6 legged beast
Assault NYC- the struggle
Goldie Dawn- crime
Gino And The Goons- i’m your man
Cement Shoes- knocked into the reptile enclosure
Booji Boys- new replacement
Man Eaters- taste concrete
Dark Thoughts- please don’t leave me alone
Erik Nervous & The Beta Blockers- horseshit
Ultra Razzia- alrdmm
Tozcos- sangre roja, sangra tuya
Final Gasp- final gasp
Junta- sangue nas ruas
Dead Hero- falsas promesas
The Charley Few- claim the night
Outcry- memory loss
Cereal Killer- bow bow now
Cum Sock- who the fuck is eric wood
Physique- how will you fight?
Scarecrow- revenge
Scrap Brain- smog
The Touch Heads- again
Sonic Warhead- crisis
The Chats- left right
Fatal Blow- media bullshit
Oldfashioned Ideas- cômon cômon
The Mark Vodka Group- big time rocker
A Culture of Killing- we can never go back