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Riot Radio Show #100 pt1

Updated about 1 year ago.

Riot Radio Show #100 pt1

Love Panther- booze n’ drugs
The Adhesives- beer party
Gone Drinkin’- destructive mind
The Miscreantz- change
Pretty Bullshit- puddle jumpin’
The Runs- blue collar punk
Koolidge- attractive people piss me off
Moshiach Oi!- all praise
Damn Broads!- you’re gonna die
Found Dead In A Trunk- prescription for suicide
No Comply- us against them
Stray Wolfs- stray wolfs
Laffing Life- unacceptable world
Sickoids- dive
Manipulation- under the influence
Skullians- afterparty
Spanner- choose to refuse
Dopestroke- around the corner
Pussy Collector- white trash love affair
Upchuck Norris- barf symptom
Creamers- purgatory
Skunx- no future
Born Wrong- burn a debt
Nihilist Cunt- skate killer
Dipers- dog mosh
Munchausen- drained
Negative Degree- hopless
Mutant Genes- abused
The Imposters- empty canvas
The Adults- what would greg sage do?
Illegal Action- never gonna fall in love
Hero Dishonest- samaan junaan
Broken Prayer- proud