Pj And The Gang

An unscripted podcast where a group of friends try to make each other laugh by being totally inappropriate. Telling weird stories and bad jokes involving real life experiences, gaming, music, movies and making fun of each other. (FYI we record from all different states)

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82. Sexy Susan's Not So Silent Night

Updated a long time ago.

This episode we play "Who The FiretrUCK is it". It's a game we invented to see how well we know each other (and ourselves).
Each contestant picks a category (ie Sexy Time, Troof and Handi-Quack). Pj reads them the question and the answer to the question, then the contestant has to guess who's answer it was.
At the end of the game the loser gets their comeuppance and has to do something…. let's just say, you don't want to lose.
Long time listeners can play along and see how well you know the gang. There are laughs throughout with a hilarious, sweat inducing conclusion.