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Red Sox writer Nick Friar is joined weekly by a guest from the baseball world, whether it's a player writer, or someone behind the scenes, talking about what's going on beyond the numbers and on the field.

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Yelich v. Baez, Jacob deGrom & Joe Manganiello + Sofia Verga

Updated about 6 days ago.

00:00-10:25 -- Quick hits (Red Sox v. Yankees, Orioles brail uniforms and Josh Donaldson won the week)

10:25-10:39 -- NL MVP: Christian Yelich v. Javier Baez

10:39-27:52 -- Jacob deGrom v. the Mets

27:25-34:56 -- Josh Gordon to New England and the Patriots scuffling defense

34:56-42:55 -- Joe Manganiello & Sofia Vergara's commercial together led us down a rabbit hole, to put it lightly.

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