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Film Spotlight With... Jacquelyn Landgraf

Updated about 1 year ago.

Well folks, we're back with one of our favourite series that we do. Sadly Brian was unable to make the recording session, but Paul soldiered on and persevered. He got a rather lovely and energetic lady known as Jacquelyn Landgraf (or, to those of you who have listened to It Makes A Sound, Deidre Gardner) to come on and talk about a film she loves and a film she,,,, maybe doesn't? And along the way they find time to talk about this, that, the other & to pay homage to International Women's Day*!

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*For the record, we here at BlokeBusters do think it's stupid that there's ONLY one day to celebrate women. They're half the population of the planet, one day out of the year is a little insulting!