Thoughts and Musings from Margaret Gill - The Muse For Your Fuse Wisdom Riffs are like music riffs - short, memorable words that are easy to digest, easy to remember and that get you going the minute you hear them. To be able to riff like this took years of peeling back the onion skin of life. Designed to give you a little shot of wisdom to consider to help you along your journey - cos it’s all about the journey and in life you should never turn down a road trip!

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Interview with Natalie Henessey

Updated about 1 year ago.

I was interviewed last year by the lovely Natalie Hennessey from the Spirited Women’s Network as part of a telesummit Natalie did for her people to help them learn how to fill their live events.

Natalie was really interested in how The Attraction Program could help people put more bums on seats at their live events by embracing the 28 Principles of Attraction developed by the programs creator Thomas Leonard and I have a lifetime license to teach.

We had such a fun time doing the interview and I’ve edited it down to 26 minutes so you just get the core information to help you understand how you could use the principles in a specific situation.