Women of Color in STEM Seminars

The Women of Color STEM Conference seminar series consist of in-depth professional development seminars and workshops. Topics covered in this solution packed seminar series include: leadership, management, work life balance, and career development. All seminars are moderated by subject matter experts.

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Empowering and Supporting Women Military Leadership

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Empowering and Supporting Women Military Leadership: Top Women in Armed Forces Share
Leadership Strategies for Success

Attention ALL WOC Conference participants! Do not miss this salute! The women on this panel are on the front lines of breaking barriers and demanding respect in their fields. They are breaking walls of steel and making great progress in male dominated cultures. They know how to lead, create value, and clear paths. Come to meet the First to Reach Flag Rank and Female Generals who consistently lead from the front. Be inspired and changed by the greatness among us. Join these key leaders as they talk about life and work. How do they calculate risks? What are the must have tools to become successful leaders in the military? What surprised them most? What decisions are they most proud of? How do they define mistakes, failures, and success?

Outcomes: At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:
a. Connect with military leaders.
b. Explore leadership strategies for success in the military.
c. Explore career paths in the military.

Speaker: Shanna L. Travis, Deputy Secretary, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers

Speaker: Colonel Regina Goff, Chief, Financial Analysis Division, Air Force Materiel Command