Barcode Podcast 2.0 - Beer, Games, & Nonsense

We are Mike Lock, CraigMakk, and Reese, three blowhards who make enough money to blow some on good beer and every videogame, gadget and tech-trash that we see....join us as we talk about all of it and more. You might be offended, but certainly not disappointed.

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BCP 2.0 - Episode 3 - Ever Die Playing Infamous?

Updated 8 months ago.

Welcome back to BarcodePodcast 2.0! This is entirely just an episodic rebirth of "Mike's Rants-olutions" from BCP 1.0. He's angry, and he has a microphone....what else can you do but sit down, listen, and hope he tuckers himself out?!

Want to hear CraigMakk, Mike Lock, and Reese talk a lot of shit about any games or series that everyone loves that they hate? How about a game mechanic that the rest of the world thinks is awesome that they want to scrub off the face of the earth? I mean, they also discuss the insane first Sony PS5 press conference, so that's cancels it out a bit. Plus, they welcome Special Guest Joe Feldman from Abomination Brewing to save them from having the nerdiest podcast conversation in the world. Get ready for some beer/gaming/nerd talk with BarcodePodcast 2.0.