Women of Color in STEM Seminars

The Women of Color STEM Conference seminar series consist of in-depth professional development seminars and workshops. Topics covered in this solution packed seminar series include: leadership, management, work life balance, and career development. All seminars are moderated by subject matter experts.

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Changing the Conversation

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Changing the Conversation of Women in Technology.

Today's show talks about a problem we are all too aware of. The noticeable lack of women in technology. Just this Summer, there has been a influx of news stories and articles talking about the gender gap in technology.

Today's show features Ms. Monica Emerson, founder and owner of Inclusive Performance Solutions. Ms. Emerson spent almost 30 Years in industry and military before launching her own business. She was executive director of DaimlerChrysler's Global Diversity Office, the most senior position for diversity and inclusion at Chrysler LLC and DaimlerChrysler. After 12 Years in that position, she was appointed the first Navy Diversity Officer for the U.S. Department of the Navy.

Her Leadership in those two positions helped those organizations win awards and recognition for their progressive policies, practices, and programs in diversity and inclusion. Ms. Emerson herself has received numerous awards including a Lifetime Achievement Award- Women of Color in Technology and Business