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The eXplorminate Podcast is designed to bring you great content about 4X and strategy games: -Weekly eXchange (WeX)- is focused on providing a deep discussion about relevant 4X gaming news as well a little insight into what the staff is currently playing. -Strategic eXpanse (StraX)- is all about 4X and 4X-lite games. Here you will find eXclusive interviews with developers, discussions about game mechanics and much more. -Audible eXtension (AudiX)- offers a short follow-up to reviews written on www.eXplorminate.net. Here, the writer of the review will discuss anything that may have been left out and expand on anything that may have been unclear.

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StraX #24 - GallaCollider Interview

Updated a long time ago.

Join Nate and Troy as they speak with Sebastian and Trevor, two of the developers behind GalaCollider, a new 4X game with a card based gameplay. They talk all about the game lore, its mechanics and discuss the multiplayer gameplay of this unique title!

Check out their site here: http://galacollider.com