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The David Spoon Experience Part 2 6-20-2022

Updated about 1 month ago.

This 60-minutes is all about: 1) Fasting, sackcloth, and dust. These are Israelites, not fanatics. These are expressions of repentance and sorrow. They are not religious looney tunes. These are expressions of humility. These are the actions of hearts that have ripped up before the holy God and acknowledgment of their shamefulness. Pride and No Shame simply means that those people do not care about what God thinks or says. But how can we know what God thinks about an issue? He created the universe, and He can write a book. C’Mon, man. 2) They separated themselves from all foreigners. That does not mean they wouldn’t engage with or participate with people who acknowledged Jehovah as God. This meant that they would not be intertwined with people who worshiped other gods to be separated from God. They could not afford to allow their hearts and minds to be perverted away from God by the ungodly and demonic influences of the world. Wow. That sounds like a few current denominations right now. Ouch. 3) They confessed their sins. They confessed their ancestor’s sins. NOT TO ONE ANOTHER. NOT REPARATIONS. BUT TO GOD. There ARE passages that talk about sharing our sins with others. But that ain’t this. Confession is good for a person. In reality, to hold unconfessed sin is to sap our strength, like the summer heat drains our physical power. When we express the weakness we struggle with to God, we move it from a secret place to the altar of God, where it should be.